You Asked For It

 You got it… an outfit post, that is.

It has become a prolonged couple of weeks filled with requests from friends and readers for personal style posts. I don’t see what is so interesting; my hair is always a mess, I’m almost always in black (or white), and there doesn’t seem to be any interesting poses i.e. hand touching hair, subtle leg lift, or head tilt with smirk. And I can assure you, if this continues, there will be an abundance of Persian carpets with no reference to my most obvious halfblooded heritage. I find personal style blogging interesting, in a sense that most girls do in fact get dressed up solely for the site, not necessarily anything they actually wear… just what is gifted to them and how they pull it all together. Which I think defeats the purpose of personal style blogging. (so I won’t wear anything I don’t actually like, ever… just to keep my integrity)

On another note, it’s what people want. And since I am a people pleaser… here ya go, me:

haute inhabit rebecca minkoff shorts theory shirt fashion blogger haute inhabit rebecca minkoff shorts theory shirt2

I think these shorts may be my favorite item for the season. I got them a size bigger, because I genuinely hate shorts that are tight and look like underwear. The more fabric the better, so cinched waists and pleated shapes are usually best. It’s also black… and leather. I’m also digging pajama-like shirts for spring. It has this sort of Hugh Hefner look to it, which is interesting.

haute inhabit rebecca minkoff shorts theory shirt


Ashley B jacket (similar), Theory white blouse (similar), Rebecca Minkoff mika black leather shorts, black suede booties (similar).