It’s been rough for some ladies out there who are in confusion as to how they are going to “self care” during quarantine; fortunately, I have tested so many products that have been sent to me, I have listed below for you guys the best products to “spa at home” from LED red light masks to simple almond oils. These are all products I use daily or weekly.

Reverie – Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment

This is an all natural hair treatment that I love. It’s kind of an all in one job to make sure your hair doesn’t get brittle at this time. A lot fo us are going to be without a hair cut for a while, and this is a sure fire way to get the moisture, so when this is all over, you hair won’t be absolute crap by the time you get to your hair cut appointment.

Use: after every wash and sometimes before shower as a leave in for 20 minutes.

BeautyBio – GloPRO Rose Quartz Roller

The face is made up of many different things like dermis, muscle, and a lympatic system. And like you can do lymphatic drainage on your body, it’s also great for your face. Rose Quartz also helps cool down and balance the skin.

Use: After shower moving it in upwards motions around your face, and side to side on the forehead.

Tata Harper – Purifying Cleanser

I have been using this cleanser since I heard of Tata – her products are all natural, and all have the most amazing smells. This one specifically smells like fruity pebbles. It’s not a “refreshing” smell that wakes you up in the morning, but it’s so good it makes you happy. It does a nice clean, and I have zero dryness afterwards. It’s good before doing a mask.

Use: As a daily face wash.

Sunday – Riley Saturn Sulfur Mask

So this has been an interesting product or me. I wouldn’t use it as a mask per se, or if your skin is very sensitive, but it’s a very very strong spot treatment. Which I love. If you love a good blast to the skin, this is your product infused with sulfur and tea tree oil.

Use: As a spot treatment for acne, or even if you have mild skin fungus. Don’t ask me how I know this. But it works.

Tealyra – Gen Mai Cha Supreme Japanese

No spa is complete without some detox tea. And there is no tea in the world that tastes as amazing as green tea with burnt rice – you’ll see. It’s pure fuckin’ heaven.

Use: After doing any type of massage, or if you ever just wanna chill.

Majestic Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil

A natural antiseptic, and great for inhaling with steam. I got this a few weeks ago, and it’s not too strong, just right. Eucalyptus helps open your airways. I love using it especially during allergy season.

Use: Put a few drops on the shower floor, let the shower steam up, and then inhale while showering.

BADGER Organic Cinnamon Swirl Lip Balm

I didn’t think I needed to add this, but my lips get super dry. I figured lips can be a problem, so may as well let you guys know what I use. This is organic, and feels amazing. I love using cinnamon as it’s a natural plumper and draws blood to the lips for a healthier look.

Use: As many times a day as you want.

Sephora – Brow Uncomplicated Tool Set

Brows can become an issue during quarantine, as mine got a little crazy one month in. I clean them up, but I don’t shape them to be careful I don’t mess them up. This is an amazing set from Sephora whether you’re a pro or beginner.

Use: To clean up, trim, or reshape brows.

Own Harmony – Electric Foot Callus Remover for Men

So… our feet are going to look like shit. And because we are home all day, it’s hard to look at. I got the female version of this device, and it’s not as strong as the men’s. I always say, go hard or go home when it comes to your skin. This literally rips off dead skin. Greatest product ever.

Use: Before pedicure, with dry foot. Followed by body oil or cream.

5PCS Cuticle Trimmer Set

Cuticle care is important, as sometimes it can lead to painful dryness and cracking. I love all the tools here, as they’re great for nails in general. I haven’t been using any nail polish lately, but just been making sure things are clean. This is a full set to do that, even has tools to remove gel polish etc.

Use: When your nails start to look gross, followed by hand cream or oil.

Herbivore Botanicals – Lapis Oil

My FAVORITE face oil in the world. I have been using this oil for 4 years. I have acne prone skin, and have had zero break outs from this. This helps balance the skin, and it hydrates deep and very quickly. It’s also a nice base for makeup.

Use: During face massages and any time you wash your face.

Hanacure – Peptide Mask

You must have seen this on the internet somewhere – girls with zombie looking faces stretched out by some weird mask. But let me tell you, this mask WORKS! It literally feels like you got a facial. It gets rid of redness and completely shrinks pores. They are a bit pricey, but compare it to a normal facial and you get just as good results.

Use: I use 20 minutes before my shower, and then after shower I put oil on my face.

Skin Gym – Gold Face Roller

This is a great way to get your face oils to penetrate and get blood flowing to the face. It’s also beautiful to have on the counter in your bathroom… small additional perk.

Use: After shower before you put on your face oil before bed.

Frank Body – Coffee Scrub

Another product I have been using for years. It makes a mess in your shower, but if you have a moveable head, very easy to clean. It basically rips off all the dead skin and has been shown help psoriasis, scarring, stretch marks, and even cellulite. Any time I do this, my skin is glowing.

Use: Twice a week in the shower. Scrub body down and then leave coffee on for ten minutes.

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

I got this from the brand a while back and it was sitting in my closet. I thought it was a gimmick product – and when their PR person told me I was insane for not using it, I figured I may as well. It definitely removed all the redness in my face, and while I have not seen any anti-aging yet, I do feel like my skin is a bit tighter, and maybe I need a few more weeks on it. So many dermatologists and plastic surgeons use this technology for acne and anti-ageing.

Use: Daily for a few weeks.

Cupping Therapy Sets 7Pcs

I just got these, recommended by a friend. I started watching Youtube videos on how to use them. I haven’t seen an effect yet, but I have heard amazing things and people swear by it as an anti-cellulite solution.

Use: Before shower, with oil on body.

Goop – G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush

Dry brushing is an amazing way to improve circulation which helps your skin glow and have an easy tone. It also promotes cell turnover, like the LED mask.

Use: Before shower.

BeautyBio – GloPro Microneedle Set

This set comes with a bunch of heads. I love micro-needling for stretch marks. Basically what it does it tell your skin to wake up and produce more cells, and helps beauty product penetrate better into the skin.

Use: On very clean skin. Followed by face products. I wouldn’t put makeup on directly after, so do this before bed.

Tuuli – Anti Cellulite Lymphatic Drainage paddle.

Different than cupping, and maybe a bit easier. Has the curves to hug body parts and push fluid out. This is used by many massage therapists, and is a trending self care product people swear by.

Use: Must cover body with oil, move paddle from bottom parts to top, towards the heart.

PURA D’OR Organic Sweet Almond Oil

The only oil I use right now whether it be for my face, body, for a massage, or even my hair. This is jam packed with nutrients and is not sticky at all. It also seeps into the skin very quickly. If I am doing lympathic drainage or cupping, this works amazing with the tools.

Use: All purpose skin and hair oil.