The Illustrators

Five fashion illustrators you should follow on Instagram.

With an abundance of selfies and overshot of legs on Instagram, a creative Fashion fix can sometimes get a bit stale. Illustrators today are taking back in proclamation of being worthy artists via social media… and we can’t get enough of them. More and more brands and magazines are working with them in efforts to amp their editorial aesthetic and bring forth something more interesting than a photo. In this instance, each illustrator stands for their own ideology of how their work should be portrayed from an artistic to inspirational aspect.

Here are our favorite five:

Alex Tang Wei Hao’s work comes to life through detailed lines and on-par symmetry. There is a sort of movement in his designs that many artists try forever to accomplish. His signature is the red lip on colorless skin that cannot go unnoticed.

Birdy and Me uses mixed media to add feminine touches to her edgy designs.

Aaron Favalo‘s designs are very different from the rest, in that the personality is really shown through the characters sartorial choices… being that there are no real facial features. The clothing and adorable large headed figures bring forth a most endearing and comic image of the fashionable woman.

Paper Fashion was the first ever illustrator I had followed consecutively on social media. The work is very whimsical, feminine, and has impeccable implied detail. Its the type of work you wish was hanging all over your apartment.

Mike Frederico has become an industry favorite with his humorous designs of designers as their logos.

Have a great weekend!

Photo by Alex Tang Wei Hao