Post Labor Day White

Clearly, I still haven’t given up on the idea.

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The first time I wore white jeans post labor day was my first year of college. Of my 8 pairs of jeans, this was the only one not in the wash. Call it lazy. I call it college life.  I remember it was a raining muggy day. Quite cold, but not brutal. It was either I accept the white challenge, or shave my legs and wear a skirt to school.

I always, always opt for the mental challenge over the physical.

In 2008, the white after labor day rule was not looked down on, but questionable. When referred to white jeans in the dead of winter, it was considered more European. Chic, but hard as hell to pull off. Now, it’s not the case. At that time, I pulled out my knee-high rubber rider boots and my brothers cashmere sweater (I still have it), paired with a black turtle neck underneath. I look like I came out of a Gorsuch catalogue. Very mid-west, borederline Aspen-chic… but someone from Italy who went to Aspen on holiday. Not someone from New York who went on vacation. I was feeling it. “I’m a rule breaker. I am going to glow amongst the New Yorkers in black.” I thought. No f*&ks were given.

Then, upon arriving the train station, my crisp white jeans were title-waved by a passing bus.

Emporio Armani clutch | Armani jeans | Zara shirt and shoes | Forever21 jacket

In collaboration with Emporio Armani