This New York Fashion Week I was delighted to be partnering with Moda Operandi; the largest online trunk show with leading luxury designers and additionally, a well curated boutique. I attended some shows on their behalf to get a hard look at what will be launching on the site for pre-sale.

I’ll admit, the idea of presale freaked me out, but now I am hooked. I always say that buyers never buy the looks from the runway that I love. It leaves me either scouring for the look online, calling the brand, or it simply just never goes into production (this happens a lot), and never sees the light of day. But with Moda’s model, this doesn’t need to happen. Your brother gets engaged, and you want to buy a dress? There’s a coat from Adeam that you know you would wear all season? Or you simply just want to have a heads up on your wardrobe.

I guess the issue would maybe be “Will I even like this in a couple of months?” – however, I’ve concluded that when you have an entire collection available to you, you end up purchasing what you truly love, rather than what you think is just the best of what you see, which could potentially be only ¼ of the collection. So in the grand scheme of things, pre-ordering makes sense if you know what you like…


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I consider myself to be a VERY decisive person. Sometimes I am totally wrong, but most of the time I get it right. This idea is gold.

In addition to the pre-ordering, they just opened probably one of the most magnificent boutiques on Madison and 64th Street in a beautiful townhouse. The experience is basically you can either browse at your leisure, or have a personal shopper basically build out the whole basement for you and cater to your liking. It kind of plays off the idea that you should build your closet staples all at once, or if you need a gown for an event.
With Moda Operandi, I attended a couple of amazing shows, with the likes of Tibi, Adam Lippes, and Zac Posen, all of which were very different in their own way. In some cases, a better look at the collections up close rather than down the runway. All the while, thinking to myself, I can order this next week. It was a pretty interesting feeling, as I have never looked at the shows from a consumer’s perspective, just building up a trend list or general coverage.

Thank you Moda Operandi for tagging me along. <3