So… this is way overdue. Last year around this time I received a baby carrier from Baby Bjorn and it set off a huge nesting alarm; what the heck did I need when I got home from the hospital – and by what I need, I mean what I needed for Louis. This does not include decor or toys, but I did add a little extra on online shops I love. This is literally a survival list. I know it’s a lot, but you’ll thank me!


  1. Diapers by Coterie – you will need these when you want to take photos of the baby. Can also bring to hospital.
  2. Swaddlers Diapers by Pampers – let’s just say, less mess. Recommend size 1 for newborn. Get a size 2 just in case.
  3. Baby Wipes by Honest – I’ve used them all, love these from Honest.
  4. A+D Ointment – Verrrrrrry important, nothing worse than a diaper rash!
  5. Diaper Pale by Munchkin – this one has Arm and Hammer inside to get rid of smell, I like it, it does the job.
  6. Baby Thermometer by Braun – I have this, I love it. You just place it on their forehead.
  7. Gas Relief by Milicon – Most babies have colic… this helps gas. Trust me. Also, ask Dr. before you use!
  8. Baby Tylenol – Just in case.
  9. Infant Pacifier by Philips Avent – Babies love these, especially newborns.
  10. Stain Remover by OxyClean – You’re kid is gonna spit up everywhere.
  11. Detergent by Honest – Clean detergent. Does the job. Love it.
  12. Changing Table by Delta – Great price and meets safety standards. You can change hardware to match the room.
  13. Baby Swing by Fisher Price – If you need to place your baby somewhere to relax while you do things. I’ve used fancy ones, and this one is honestly the best.
  14. Changing Pad by GOTS – for changing baby. You’ll stop using around 5 months if your kid is active.
  15. Changing Pad Covers – You’ll want to switch it up.
  16. Newborn Essentisals Kit by Frida Baby – Love this brand so much, they are known for their postpartum kits, but this one is amazing and we love it.


  1. Mori
  2. Zara
  3. Zara Home
  4. H&M
  5. Pehr
  6. Bonpoint
  7. Ever Eden


  1. Baby Bottles by Avima – I tried SO MANY BOTTLES. Louis loved these the most. He still uses them.
  2. Feeding Pillow by Boppy – Even if you’re not breastfeeding, best way to feed a newborn.
  3. Breaspump by Avent – For the ten minutes I was breastfeeding, I had this. I liked it.
  4. Formula by Similac – Even if you’re breastfeeding, you never know. It’s good to have supplement.
  5. Bottle Brush – Need to clean the bottles.
  6. Bottle Cleaner by Dapple – You can’t use your own dish soap, so this one is great.
  7. Bottle Sterilizer by Baby Brezza – I had this, loved it.
  8. High Chair by Stokke – the chair I wish I had. Apparently this is recommended by Drs. And easiest to clean.
  9. Bibs by Silly Bibz – Ok, these are pricey, but they’re durable as hell and don’t leak through.
  10. Digital Alarm Clock by Jall – Not to remind you of why you’re going to be so tired, but SO important to help time feedings.


  1. Elephant Hamper – I have this, and we love it.
  2. Hats – Baby has to be warm!
  3. Socks
  4. Mittins – So they don’t scratch themselves at night.
  5. Onesies – these hold up diapers so no leaking. Important!


  1. Mobile by Tiny Love – Neseccary until you start sleep training!
  2. Swaddles by SwaddleMe – Let me put this simply:You will not fucking survive without this.
  3. Bassinet Sheets by Burt’s Bees – You’re going to change these out more than you think.
  4. Crib Sheets by Touched by Nature – Organic cotton, and so so cute.
  5. Sound Machine by Hatch Baby – I don’t know how he would have slept without this. The white noise is everything! I love it.
  6. Bassinet by Simmons – Your baby will be in this thing for a month. Don’t get an expensive one. Focus more on safety.
  7. Crib by Delta – Safety is on point. We use this in NJ.
  8. Glider by Best Chairs – I don’t have this. But I sat in it 100x and want it so bad.


  1. Bathtub by Fisher Price – easy. You do not need a fancy tub. In fact, you’re going to HATE a fancy tub. The simpler the better.
  2. Bucket by SkipHop Moby – So you don’t get water in their eyes.
  3. Bath Towel and Wash Cloth Set by Baby Starters – Again, babies lose their body heat easily, you need a towel with a hood.
  4. Hair Brush by Dream Baby – If your bebe has a head of hair.
  5. Grooming Kit – This has all the essentials.
  6. Baby Shampoo and Body Wash by Burts Bees – We have tried many different things, went for a natural approach, and landed on this.
  7. Body Cream by Honest – What we use. All natural. Love the smell.


  1. Diaper Bag by Caraa Sport – has every compartment and is also a backpack which makes travel so easy. Men also don’t mind wearing it.
  2. Changing Mat
  3. Car Seat (and Stroller) by Doona – This car seat is also a stroller… a bit heavy to handle, but the best gift we got from our siblings. Louis still uses it at 8 months, and taking him for walks in it while we are away is nice.
  4. Baby Car Mirror – You’ll want this, trust me!
  5. Blanket – Microfiber blankets are the warmest.
  6. Bugaboo Fox Stroller – We love this stroller, currently in NJ. It’s amazing for holding things below and so smooth.
  7. Baby Bjorn – So… not even for the fact that this chills your newborn out, but in case an emergency and you can’t throw baby in a stroller, it’s ALWAYS good to have this lying around.