How Sophie Sees Beauty

sophie thealett backstage DSC_2148 imaan hammam sophie thealett backstage beauty

New York fashion week is always the beacon of all the respective weeks to come, in a sense that it’s on the forefront of marketing and creative business ideas. And while some may think it lacks in creativity, I have to disagree on many levels. New York designers, while they may focus more on sales, are very in tune with design, trends, and ultimately, art.

But there is something always missing, and to the outside world looking into the fashion world, that something is very important: it all comes down to the diversification of women.

Now you don’t generally find male models with the ever-so-sexy dad bod’s strolling down the runway at men’s fashion week, and I think that it lacks that conversation because women, whether we like to believe it or not, have been sexualized from every end of the spectrum, especially in media realm. The outer beauty that the men’s department represents, is very different from the outer beauty the female department represents. And that said, many are not represented. At all.

But this season, Sophie Thealett chose models with the likes of Iman Hammam, Candice Houffine, Veronica Webb, and Marga Esquivel. All perfectly styled to match their own personality and look, fitted effortlessly into delicate printed silks and fitted silhouettes.

Backstage, you didn’t really get an idea of what the show was, though. I thought, oh, this was just another. My intern was apathetic, as well.

And while we thought maybe it would be cool to stay backstage the whole time, I am so happy I decided to take a seat.

This was, hands down, one of the most magnificent shows I have ever been to. One of the most emotional shows I have ever been to (playing Gabriel’s oboe), and coolest. Settled in an old New York bank, with wooden walls and filled with deep incense, it felt like another world in itself. The girls strolled down the runway, one by one, all themselves in the most perfect way. Looking their best, in their best kind of way. It was the most honest and humbling experience of all the fashion week shows I have ever attended.

sophie thealett sophie thealett candice huffine sophie thealett

Photos by yours truly.