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February 28, 2014

Something to look forward to in regards to summer wardrobing, up by popular demand.

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Everyone in New York has pretty much had it with this weather. Reminiscing back to my week in Aruba in the lovely Ritz Carlton, I had immersed myself in some quintessential beach summer styles. It’s so easy to look at, and wish it were back again… soon, though. Because I will be hauling my pale ass to Miami in a week. For no reason whatsoever than the fact that this weather is pure and utter shnitz.

Details below:

1. Eyelet shirt (similar), C&C California shorts, Illesteva sunglasses, Schutz sandals

2. Triangl Australia bikini, LemLem wrap

3. Triangl Australia bikini

4.  LemLem cover up,  Schutz sandals

5. Bikini from Bikini.com 

6. Jennifer Zeuner necklaces, Giles & Brother nail bracelets, Netali Nissim eye bracelet

7. Luli Fama bikini

8. Mikoh Swimwear dress

9. Jerome Rousseau cork wedges

10. Pixie Market dress, Ray Ban Sunglasses

11. A.J. Morgan Sunglasses from Pixie Market

12. Luli Fama cover up, Schutz sandals

13. Ondademar cover up, Dalson Espadrilles

  • http://mafaldadotzero.blogspot.fr/ Mafalda

    Can I come and join you?

    Mafalda ❤

    • http://www.hauteinhabit.com/ Haute Inhabit

      For sure. <3 <3 Kiddies welcome.

  • Júlia

    Hi! I think your body looks great? How do you take care of it, in terms of sports/activities and food? Thanks! Kisses!

    • http://www.hauteinhabit.com/ Haute Inhabit

      What I eat:

      BEAKFAST is the most important meal. Having a huge feast in the morning will not only hold you over for the rest of the day, but if you’re a mover, you’re burning it off. I generally have a croissant/bagel with eggs, some cereal/granola, a fruit smoothie, and of course coffee.
      Lunch: I’ll just eat something light like a salad or light sandwich.
      Dinner: I’ll stock up on proteins; red meats, salmon.

      On sugar:
      1. Don’t drink diet sodas or use artificial sweeteners (they’re carcinogens and can actually make you more hungry).
      2. I recently trained my tongue to drink everything without sugar. After a while of cutting it out, you start to enjoy your coffee/tea just as much if not more.

      I don’t get crazy with it. I try to steer clear of heavy weights and stick to cardio and lean toning (things like ballet, even though I suck so hard at it).

      Also don’t worry too much, if you have a healthy mindset, it all falls together. Stress can often be a huge factor.

      This probably could have been a whole post in itself. :/ Hope this helps!

      • Júlia

        It helped a lot! You are such a delicate person! That’s why I’ll always be around. Thank you very much!
        Kisses from Brazil!

  • Carla

    Hi! I absolutely love your blog! You look fantastic <3 Do you know the name of the style of gladiator sandals you're wearing in the last picture? I can't seem to find them online. Thanks!

    • http://www.hauteinhabit.com/ Haute Inhabit

      Hi Carla,

      It’s the Erline sandal. You can find them here: http://schutz.myshopify.com/

    • http://www.hauteinhabit.com/ Haute Inhabit

      Hi Carla,

      It could be the Charlyn sandal. Not sure where to find those specific ones at the moment, but I know they’re new.

  • http://www.stylespectra.blogspot.com/ Isabella