Dots… Polka Dots

  Lace, eyelet, and other such textures had fed our appetites for repetition over the past few seasons. Fishnet stockings have made it back in, layering them in all sorts of ways with other prints on prints… preferably in the black variety. What makes a print “cool” generally comes from the evolution of it’s next […]

All I See Are Pearls

What’s with the sudden interest in these glowing balls? Years ago, my grandmother handed me a black leather box. It opened faster than I expected. White shiny balls gleaming in my face. My first set of pearls. She loved pearls, and while I did see the beauty in them, I sought more use out of […]


What’s better than holes in your denim? Summer is right around the corner, and we are almost at the point where the weather is almost uncomfortable to bear… and soon wish that we were in between seasons again. Me, personally, take out an exhuberant amount of time resurfacing old linen t-shirts, and finding new ones… […]