Edun, Spring 2015

A girl in a summer robe. In September, I had a quick opportunity to snap a couple of shots of Edun before heading to the next show. It started off with what was a crowded beauty room. James Pecis, per usual, accepting interviews about the hair. Definitely interesting, as it takes mini-braids to hold the […]

“Boys Should Get Pregnant, Too!”

-Chanel, Spring 2015 Ah the streets of Paris. Naturally beautiful people, from all classes, the smell of croissant, and a men trafficking weird green machines cleaning the streets, which is an additive to making it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Sterile. But more famous than the food and culture, is the […]

Reed Krakoff uses Unite

And it was a very, very good idea. As you may know, I am a huge advocate of Unite hair products. I am also an equal fan of Reed Krakoff. Two such brands colliding into a coveted marriage is something I could really appreciate. Although, while it is easy to find a fashion brand that […]