Emphasis on the Yves

Yves Saint Laurent had always been one of my favorite “labels” – from the beginning of it’s inception. Architectural silhouettes, the infamous back bow, and a house that only one could ever dream to work at. The finest of couture. But in 2012, Hedi Slimane took over the house as creative director and¬†changed the iconic […]

How Sophie Sees Beauty

New York fashion week is always the beacon of all the respective weeks to come, in a sense that it’s on the forefront of marketing and creative business ideas. And while some may think it lacks in creativity, I have to disagree on many levels. New York designers, while they may focus more on sales, […]

Cosmos with Rodebjer

¬†What happens when Sailor Moon marries Luke Skywalker and they have a baby. It’s not so often I get to go backstage. And it’s even more rare when a quick backstage visit results in a whirlwind of nostalgic flashbacks to middle school days when Sailor Moon was a visual addiction and the equivalent of excitement […]