Around In The Q5

I recently partnered with Audi to test out their new Q5 2018 model. My family is an Audi family, and I have gone through a couple of models.

 I think the first thing about the car is that it has an amazing drive; one of the smoothest cars I’ve ever driven. I took it around the city and to Brooklyn to run errands, and go out, and it had amazed me from the technology to the design. This is hands down the best car for any type of person.
The dashboard is very sleek and easy to use. In included an amazing navigation system powered by Google that had traffic and many viewing options. It was also very intuitive to use, unlike most GPS systems that require playing with to understand. Getting places was exceedingly easy, and felt like a safe use rather than using my phone to get places (so dangerous).
 Driving at night was really nice. The LED headlights helped a lot, and the interior had a nice glow. I liked driving it around the cobblestone streets because I really didn’t feel anything. Its also roomy enough to have a lot of friends with you.
In regards to cargo space, it’s was surprisingly large. You can fit a lot back there, and it’s great if you’re a mom on the run and need to put a lot of groceries/bulk items in the back. A day of shopping is not an issue, and the rear view camera really helped with parallel parking if you’re going from place to place.
The new gear shifter is also interesting. It’s cubed shape helps with grip and to know where your hand is at all times. The sport mode is, well, fun as heck. If you’re into that. The 3D sound system is on par, and doesn’t get muffled if you blast it up. It’s really a very, very fun car to drive.
If I had to give a number, this car would be a ten. Unless you have a really large family, it really can work with everyone. If you’re young and want a sexy car to drive around, or if you’re a mom and need the space. This car really has it all.

In partnership with Audi

Photos by John Garcia