American Abundance

I have been thinking about my closet for a while. Right now there’s a rack in my living room of pieces I need to shoot (part of the job) and custom built floor to ceiling closet along with three other closets in my bedroom busting of clothing bags and shoes. NOT TO MENTION a large storage unit of my Spring wardrobe. I find that I have hit a point in a fashion girl’s career where abundance of clothing really has no significance on how I feel about my daily outfits, and even getting dressed. Other than just more stress… because my looks are really consistent anyways. While many years ago, maybe at the young age of 18, a large closet had always seemed so glamorous… whether it had designer clothing or not, it all came down to having infinite options. You know, Carrie Bradshaw walking into the closet Big had built for her; shoes galore and designer bags in 15 different colors?! Wow! She must be the luckiest girl in the world. And then getting into blogging, I’d have to admit the amount of access to clothing got to my head for a solid minute.

But now at age 27, I look at a bag in 15 different colors inside an LED lighted closet as nothing more than a waste of space and an anxiety attack waiting to happen. Irrational, perhaps, and definitely very immature way to spend hard earned money. And not ever the meaning of a well dressed woman. We spend so much time looking at these large closets of celebrities thinking, “I want that life.” but the truth of the matter is, I have a percentage of it right now and it’s a nightmare getting dressed. We think so confidently that the more you have, the happier you are, but what if finding happiness through that medium is merely just filling a void?

We spend so much time accumulating, and not editing. When editing is what we need to do to have a solid closet and confidence in personal style.

This morning, I dropped off a load of clothing to be donated. And I thought, “I was here two months ago with the same load.” – so in two months, I have been consuming that much clothing? Am I the girl who Carrie Bradshaw interviewed who doesn’t lift boxes, but damn… does she love “fashion.” And have I completely overdone myself to the access I have, and lost focus on what I truly love? And ultimately, is this abundance doing myself a disservice to what my style really is?

Who knows to what extent. But I do see my perception of clothing become a lot more mature; a honest appreciation for quality, curation, and design. But I don’t see that in today’s perception of “style”, especially how it’s portrayed in the American Media – the perception today is the more clothing you own, the more fashionable you are. I think abundance is not a telltale sign of a great closet or great style for that matter, much like a retailer. The more the retailer buys, who are they really targeting? Every type of woman? Great… but it’s all so confusing. It ultimately comes down to the edit. That’s why Moda Operandi and The Line are such amazing places to shop. I think the most stylish women are those who have a level of consistency… and you don’t really find that in a rainbow of Birkins. That’s why I always find those women with the most clothing always look like a neon crystal incrusted (hot) mess inclusive of colorful personalities… and, well, that’s not so chic (or cool).

I just hope more young girls don’t ever feel insignificant about how much they own, rather, it should play more on the significance of how much they love what they own.

And isn’t that a sign of true happiness?