Airport Agenda


Not dressing so down to the airport is something I have been doing. It all started a couple of months ago when I had to attend a wedding, and I literally got off the plane and into a dress in the airport bathroom. Other instances, going off the plane, I find there is no time to waste on a business trip and I may as well just not wear sweatpants and a hoodie and go straight from the airport bag in hand. And while a wedding or evening event is a little bit harder to achieve, there’s something to say about coming off a plane and not having to wait to check into your room to change. Yes, planes are gross. But it’s all a little bit less gross when you wear cool stretched jeans, a nice pair of leather sneakers, and a sleek coat.

The idea is, you never feel as gross when you’re in nice clothes, especially if you’re coming off a plane where you find yourself in cold sweats from turbulence. All you need really are oil blot sheets and a mini perfume. 

And so… with all this said. I think I need a vacation.

Wearing Baraboux bag | Mother denim | H&M Coat | Axel Arigato sneakers | Prada sunglasses