Lainy Hedaya


Lainy Hedaya grew up in a beach town on the coast New Jersey no more than one hour from New York City. At a very young age, she was drawing on walls and sewing clothing for her dolls and using The Sims as her own form of auto-cad. Her itch for creativity eventually put her in the 99th percentile for visual memory.

Lainy attended LIM College and graduated with a BBA in Visual Merchandising. She started blog as a portfolio in her third year of college to get a job in anything fashion related. There isn’t a job or internship she hasn’t had, though: visual merchandising, styling, fashion design, fashion production, graphic design, photography, interior design, writing, marketing, merchandising, sales, and social media… all in five years building a wide range of multifaceted skills which eventually lead her to self proclaim the title of a “creative director”.

Additionally, Haute Inhabit provides other services other than traditional blogging partnerships:

  1. Photography
  2. Styling
  3. Writing
  4. Brand Consulting (not limited to Fashion)
  • Dear Lainy,

    I follow you over a year now. I like your style and your vision of fashion. Hope we can meet in person someday.
    Btw, do you live in Williamsburg Water fronts? I think I saw you there once or twice.

    If you want to check out what I do, please visit my blog: