Ten years ago I was a little nugget intern at a luxury flagship on Madison Avenue. Women from all over the world shopped there, and I made my mark as a trustworthy employee when an opera singer who needed to cover her shoulders found refuge in a fur bolero I matched with her dress to wear over it. The color matched perfectly, and I had always associate the bolero with formalwear. And even so, I found the term “bolero” to be hilarious. But this year… ten years later, I find it to be something as easily styled with denim.

I think we often associate styles of clothing with how it’s generally used. And I kind of want to break away from that and find multiple usage for pieces I invest in. The idea is, the rules of fashion have kind of been blurred. I wear formalwear during the day with flat shoes, and denim at night with heels. It’s opened a world to emotional freedom of which “No White After Labor Day” has become more of a joke than an actual social construct. So here, here to boleros. Warm ones at that.

Wearing: Gorski Horizontal Panaled Mink Fur Caplet

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau


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